GeoFabric FilterWrap (Bidum Green) 2m x 50m Roll

35.00 KGS
Filterwrap non-woven geotextile helps to provide effective drainage for a range of residential and landscaping applications. Filterwrap separates and filters particles of dirt, sand and aggregates to improve drainage in subsoils and behind retaining walls.

Because non-woven geotextiles such as Filterwrap are highly porous, water can pass freely while fine particles are prevented from moving through. This allows Filterwrap to be used where drainage or control of groundwater is an issue.

Often used in a variety of applications:

  • Ground water drainage behind retaining walls
  • Separation over soft ground in driveway construction and gravel paths
  • Separation between soil and drainage aggregates in planter boxes and roof gardens
  • Lining of subsoil drain trenches
Filterwrap Green Product Image
Filterwrap call out - convenient trade size