QLD Organics ECO 88 16kg

16.00 KGS
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This premium fertiliser is suitable for the whole garden and fantastic for lawns due to its balance of nutrients, granular form and added iron.

Originally formulated specifically for turf, Eco88s is now also used as a general purpose fertiliser. The added iron has been found to achieve vibrant colour in flowers (particularly rose and hibiscus flowers) and spectacularly deep green foliage (especially on palms)

Eco88s has:

  • a poultry manure base that is naturally, aerobically composted to kill pathogens and support healthy levels of beneficial micro-organisms
  • granulated sulfate of ammonia for fast nitrogen delivery
  • granulated DAS (di-ammonium sulfate) for healthy balanced soil
  • sulfate of potash to support potassium levels without the adverse environmental effects of muriate-based potash
  • granular iron to help aid chlorophyll production – producing deep green lawns and foliage and bright colourful flowers
It is:
  • dried gently after processing to further support beneficial micro-organisms and help the granules break down properly after watering
  • granular and uniform in size for easy use in fertiliser spreaders
  • sieved to minimise dust